Who We Are

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Our Mission

We are committed to our company’s core values and our mission statement, which define every aspect of our work, our relationship building with our new and continuing customers, as well as our sustainable growth and development. Below, is a complete list of our core values and our Mission Statement for ERNW.

Our Mission Statement is to, “Make the World a Safer Place!”. This bold, yet simple, statement is the moral compass that guides our company. It is this statement that we apply to our methodologies and research, to the way in which we develop our staff, convey our integrity to our customers, and the way in which we conduct ourselves within our local and global community.

Vision & Values

  • Independence

    ERNW is, in terms of technology, manufacturers and financing, an independent service provider. Projects, recommendation of measures or the highlighting of optimization potential is never influenced by contracts with certain manufacturers, bias against certain products or claims of external stakeholder.

  • Expertise

    The continued development of our ERNW team’s expertise is our highest value, and one that is fully supported by our company through continued education, research, and shared innovation.

  • Knowledge transfer

    We believe that shared knowledge empowers ourselves as a company, our customers, and the international IT security community in which we actively participate.

  • Integrity

    As we work in a field where many security and privacy related challenges occur, we believe it is important to internalize the ideals of trustworthiness and moral principles in our everyday lives.

  • Spirit

    While the comprehensive completion of projects is a top priority, we also strive for a work environment where people can live and grow their passion for information security.

Responsible Ethics and Human Rights

We follow strict ethical working and business practices within ERNW, and it is our belief that working with partners and customers that demonstrate a similar commitment aligns with our mission to “Make the World a Safer place”.

At our company level this means treating all of our employees with integrity, fairness, and respect. We strive to make sure each and every employee feels that their work and they as a person are valued, and that ERNW provides an atmosphere in which they can continually grow and develop themselves and their skills. ERNW is also an equal opportunity employer and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, national origin, religion, sex, age, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, marital status, sexual orientation or disability. This statement also applies to our trainings, internal promotions and terminations, external company interactions, and customers. We also do not condone discrimination towards or by our employees in any circumstance.

At a global community level this means we work only with those who respect and follow all applicable laws and regulations governing the fair, safe, non-discriminatory, and responsible treatment of their employees.

Supporting the community

ERNW actively supports non-profit organizations within our own community and around the world. Using our TROOPERS Charity we engage and challenge our colleagues, family, and friends to raise money that is then donated to organizations such as Soup and Socks who help refugees who come to Germany.

Another way we support the community is by having our employees participate in educating our IT Security future minds. We host HackIT challenges and other Capture the Flag games in addition to teaching IT security modules for university students.


  • Inception
    Since its founding in 2001, our focus has been on consulting and testing in all areas of IT security
  • Publication
    Publication "Mehr IT-Sicherheit durch Pen-Tests"
  • Relocation
    Relocation to Breslauer Str.
  • Staff
    10 Employees
  • First TROOPERS
    We started our very own IT-Security conference
  • Blog
    Our company blog Insinuator.net was born
  • Relocation
    Relocation from Breslauer Str. to Carl-Bosch-Str.
  • Inception
    Inception ERNW Research GmbH
  • Staff
    50 Employees
  • Inception
    Inception ERNW Insight GmbH
  • 10th TROOPERS
    10 years TROOPERS conference
  • Inception
    Inception ERNW SecTools GmbH
  • ERNW Headquarter
    Groundbreaking of the new ERNW headquarter
  • ISO 9001
    Successful ISO 9001 certification
  • Move-In
    Relocation to our eco-friendly headquarter built to the passive house standard at Heidelberg Innovation Park