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ERNW is an independent IT security service provider based in Heidelberg. Since its founding in 2001, the focus is on (manufacturer-independent) counseling and testing in all questions of IT security. We provide our own training to our junior staff, which almost always begins while the junior staffer has an internship with us during college. Our Interns’ activity and development take high priority at ERNW. Ensuring a quality education lays the foundation for the company as we continually move towards sustainable growth. Many employees have more than 15 years of experience in design, implementation, operation and security of very large networks of organizations.

Even if none of the positions listed below is exactly what you’re looking for but you still think you are a good fit for the ERNW team, don’t hesitate to send us your application via mail to If you wish to send your application encrypted, don’t hesitate to ask us for a public key. We look forward to meeting you!