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ERNW White Paper 63

Vergleich unterschiedlicher Lösungen zur Multifaktorauthentifizierung

Credential theft and the subsequent reuse of stolen credentials are a significant problem in information security. To counter this risk a planned approach is required as part of a comprehensive security architecture program. This includes the implementation of multi factor authentication. This thesis covers the process of implementing a multi factor authentication system in an enterprise environment. After a short introduction which specifies the aim and scope of this project, a general overview of the requirements and the threats is given to lay the groundwork for comprehension of all further steps. This is followed by a detailed definition of the term multi factor authentication and the conceptualization of all necessary prerequisites. In the next step the concepts are described and instructions on implementation are given. Furthermore, the concepts are evaluated on the basis of operational feasibility and security benefit. This thesis is concluded with a summary of the results and an outlook on future mitigating technologies and planned tasks following this project.